Wednesday, October 26, 2005

MCMS Error - Web Author - Rich Page / Make Rich

We were having an issue with our Commerce Server site in relation to Content Management Server. There is a "Web Author Console" that allows you to create, move, and edit "postings" on the fly. Part of that console was mysteriously throwing an error, and from some research, we found that it was the "Make Rich" link that was throwing the error.

The error was being thrown in the MsibCreateNewRichPageAction get_ActionJavascript method. The error was "An unhandled exception of type Microsoft.ContentManagement.WebControls.WebAuthorException has occurred : The property cannot be accessed before the Control.OnInit() phase."

Unfortunately, I could not find any answers to this problem using either Google or Microsoft Managed Newsgroups, so I re-post it here in the hopes that someone else will find it helpful.

This issue has been solved via a tech support call with Microsoft. The technician was very polite and helpful, and it turns out that is was a rare but very easy solution.

Apparently, the location (in CMS) where the templates were being stored had been moved without the knowledge of our developers. The "default rich product template path" was being queried, and no template was found at that location. Therefore, the link was not created and this error was caused.

The path info can be found was in 2 ways:

(1) Look in the Commerce Server Manager. Navigate to Commerce Sites --> SITE_NAME --> Site Resources --> Content Connector. Look at the value for the property "Default Rich Product Template"

(2) Open Visual Studio .NET and view the MCMS Template Explorer. Right-click on your Rich Product Template and select Properties. Look at the value for the property "Path"

Once you have the path that is being used, open up your Site Manager for Microsoft Content Management Server. Click on "Template Gallery" on the left-hand side. Make sure that your template is located in the path that was specified using the 2 methods above.


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